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Even after  nearly nine years of advocacy work, we still believe that self-regulation with accreditation can happen only by continuously  selling the  idea of accreditation and global quality benchmarking with the best in the class to the higher education institutions.  The theme  of the next conference  held on November 6 & 7, 2017  reflected this conviction of ours.  We had extremely good  attendance and conference participation along with unexpected huge financial support by way of sponsorship. 

"Self -regulation and global quality with accreditation."

The speakers at the conference  would include top leadership from all the highly rated accreditation agencies presenting at the conference, our education services partner Peregrine Academics and Bloomberg Businessweek.

At the heart of accreditation is rubrics, and a good rubric  is also the function of the passion and commitment of the faculty  team who design these.  

The Best Rubrics competition  is an ongoing one and will  continue to seek the faculty of accredited and member schools, both national and international to submit rubrics.   The award would be for the institution or faculty based  on whose credentials the rubrics are submitted. The first 2017 rubrics award went to Bharatidasan Institute of Management (BIM) for a rubric submitted in 2016. Please email your submissions 

Internationalization or globalization is the catchword in today’s increasingly borderless trading world. With the advent of WTO (World Trade Organization) economic and trade barriers have crashed bringing with it plentiful cross border business opportunities across the whole spectrum of growing industry. Business that have gone global have also evolved local enterprises based on their own core culture. The case presentation aims at getting the student’s take on globalization as future managers they have to take a firm view of the developments that shape their new borderless world of business.  The 2018 edition would be open soon.  Two schools, Apeejay School of Management and Management Development Institute, Gurgaon bagged the first two prizes in this competition in 2017 edition. 

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