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Leader decides the direction of the organisation & ways to get things done!  Digital Times needs highly responsive  Leaders who will leave their footprint in the organisations that they serve in! 


Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi was started in 2008 specifically to promote self-regulation with accreditation  which is also our punchline and as such the institutional development  becomes the responsibility of the vision of its founder or CEO. 
In every single accreditation process, leadership  is emphasised and the process of accreditation also clearly delineates the vision  of the business unit to reflect  its impact on carrying out the intended vision  which becomes the bottom-line for  determining whether or not the unit could be accredited. In the Digital world  to which the B-schools have firmly moved, Leadership building has become a big challenged and a great opportunity! SEAA  advocacy campaign continues....! 

There is a strong case for  setting up centers for excellence in education leadership. These centers should come up at least in  accredited schools.   

 SEAA Trust, New Delhi  is committed to  promote the leadership eco-system  as part of any international accreditation process  or quality improvement system in every business school. 

We will be collecting together  and presenting interviews,  seminar talks, TED links etc.,  in these pages   & more ! 

"For the Digital Transformation to complete we need to do first is address “the why”.

As Simon Sinek tells us, “start with why”. Once we have clarity on the why, then we can transition to the “how” (webinar series, handouts, guest speakers) and then the “what” (webinars, specific topics, schedule, etc.)"      
--Olin O  Oedekoven, President & CEO of Peregrine Global 

On Day 2 (November 6, 2020) of our 13th International Accreditation conference (Nov 5-7, 2020)  we got  many answers as to the way forward in helping the institutions to leave a Leadership Footprint in the Digital transformation of their virtually led students  also using the cutting edge International Accreditation standards.

Professor Joe Philip, Chairman XIME our keynote speaker  for the conference is a  senior most management education Guru in the country today. A former Director of IIM Bangalore, Professor Philip walked the talk by setting up his own B-school  today at Bangalore which is now spread to Cochin and Chennai. Prof Philip was also responsible for the setting up of Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) and  Indian Association for Autonomous Business Schools (IAABS). 

AACSB's Caryn Beck-Dudley, President and CEO of AACSB International places a cogent argument  for need for institutional networking at the leadership level in a chat with University of Minnesota president Joan Gabel.  The AACSB President feels that business schools are well situated to influence change through community relationships, cross-disciplinary programming, and social equity efforts. (courtesy AACSB videos You tube) 

Eric Cornuel,  President and CEO of EFMD Global  feels strongly that accreditation would help the business schools acquire the  necessary  leadership  edge for Business schools. 

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