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At the heart of accreditation is rubrics, and a good rubric  is also the function of the passion and commitment of the faculty  team who design these.  

The 2nd  Best Rubrics competition  will seek the faculty of accredited and member schools, both national and international to submit rubrics for our annual International Accreditation Handbook which is being released  at our annual Conference 

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All internationally accredited school faculty and leadership, aspiring schools which are members of any one of the international accreditation agency listed in these pages can contribute their rubrics. 

Faculty can contribute more than one rubric. Please send your rubrics with the name of the contributor and a line of written permission to include these in the International Accreditation Handbook of SEAA Trust, New Delhi  due for publication around the International Accreditation  Conference date 

The Award

The Faculty rubrics award would comprise a small cash prize and  certificate. All participating  faculty to this competition would also get their certificate of participation

Please register early for the 2nd Bloomberg Businessweek  B-school Connection student Case Competition 

Online registration 

Student case competition :

(continued from Home page) The first year competition was  conducted successfully on November 6 2017  as a parallel track to 10th International Accreditation Conference.  The  first position  was bagged by Apeejay School of Management, Dwarka New Delhi and   Management Development  Institute (MDI) Gurgaon got the second  position. ​ The teams were provided with cash prizes and citations. All participating team members would get a certificate of participation.   Please Register  by filling our online form along  with registration fee of Rs 2000 per participating team of three members to a team. 

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