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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We want to develop this page  into a   discussion platform  to bring in knowledge and information about the new technologies and how they could be  taught in the classrooms.  It is not so much about using digital tools but about  understanding the emerging philosophy  and inquiry into the  broader aspects that the new technology eco system is posing at present.  For instance, industry leader like Elon Musk of Tesla & SpaceX  rather than the government is now demanding that AI and ML should be regulated as there is a real danger of  machines becoming intelligent and turning rogue if  it is not  regulated at the  point where these are being developed. 

Why SEAA Future+ Talks?

There is an urgent  need to build top level talent with ethics and value systems  much before they take up positions in a company. It is more real now than before as the industry may not have  the time or the window to train people  coming in with raw knowledge from the campuses whether they are from  Tech or Humanities  stream. Also the definite  drop expected in number   paying jobs  will also mean social chaos unless the increased productivity and earnings  are distributed fairly to avoid  the accumulation of wealth in few hands with the rest struggling for their survival. Democratically elected and responsible governments  and a welfare state is absolutely needed as also  introduction of concepts like Minimum Basic Income (MBI) that will hopefully solve the scourge of  endemic poverty. 

The deadline year 2030 is fast nearing and there is not much to show that the United Nations Global Compact Network's  17 Sustainable Development Goals would be met by the target  year. But seen from the nearly 60 speakers from industry, academia and student leadership who came on our platform is evident that people are thinking, especially the next generation. The Future as it were seem to be quite bright1 

We hope  the platform we are creating would  be addressing all these issues    

Ramakrishna is the founder Chairman of Maithri Aquatech one of the most influential water companies today

Dr Byra Reddy, Accreditation expert and Professor  Chanakya University, Bangalore 

  Benedict Gnaniah is the founder of He is a veteran media and advertising professional with over four decades of experience.

Dr Sandhya  Krishnan, Global Head Millennial Council of Cognizant 

Dr Gunther Singer, Professor SBS Swiss Business School  & former Executive Director of ATHEA, the European Accreditation Agency 

 William Parrot  is an International Accreditation expert and former Director of IACBE and Peregrine Academic Services and a Higher Education consultant 

Luis Francisco Rodriquez is a Knowledge Management expert and higher education consultant based in Mexico 

Dr Praveena Dorathi is the Global  Head  Environment, Health & Safety of HSS Work Dynamics 

Prof Joe Philip is the chairman of XIME having three campuses at Bangalore, Cochin and  Chennai 

Do you have anything to convey to the Campus or to Industry about the future of Learning, Teaching or Assessment that will impact leadership building at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)? Mail us with a brief outline of your interests and what you want to convey!  Write to us

We would love to hear alternative views on the future of Higher Business Education  and leadership building in the context of an emerging technology driven industry and government. 

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