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In the next Ten years almost every industry would be  going  digital & the education  world itself would be one of the first. But education institutions also have the responsibility to prepare leaders who would  manage the future industries which are fundamentally changing. Business and technology education institutions and their faculty would be hard pressed to keep pace with the blistering phase of change in Businesses essentially anchored on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Cloud computing, Internet of things,  Autonomous

transportation, block chain and crypto currency, 3D printing, Nano technology and such other. Managing such businesses would require massive unlearning and relearning almost on real time basis. Educational institutions are no longer degree producing shops but essential partners in continuous learning and upgradation even as the new businesses are  formed  in newer areas like Space, Oceans, Healthcare and such other.  Our campaign "Quality Education in Digital Future" would essentially address in the next one decade the challenges that will be faced by  campuses even as industries keep pushing the envelope of dynamic change. SEAA would be actively involved in advocating  to the campuses the way forward for digital transformation  d expand to cover other areas  of HEIs, namely technology, Medicine, Law, architecture and such other. 


The new decade 2021 to 2030 is going to be a happening one with the digital transformation of education to match with the industry that would be entirely run on Artificial intelligence and machine learning  may  fully in place. In all the three areas of  manpower development especially at the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) namely the Teaching, Learning and Assessment unprecedented global quality may be introduced using the accreditation route and SEAA would be in the center of such digital transformation of education space & manpower development space. 

During the decade we expect  a huge consolidation would take place in the HEI space with the number of  institutions of excellence  exceeding 1000 and half of these at least would be internationally accredited by 2030. Also  as per the New Education Policy 2020, we expect the Indian accreditation space would be crowded with at least 20 new  accreditation agencies that would be active before the end of the decade besides the current two NBA and NAAC. SEAA would continue to assist and inform about the  accreditation agency processes and advice on common globally  bench-marked quality standards that needed  to be understood and applied in the successful HEIs. Our work currently encompassing the B-schools would expand to cover other areas  of HEIs, namely technology, Medicine, Law, architecture and such other.

SEAA & Peregrine Global Webinar Series 

This year we had intensified our campaign to focus on the Digital Transformation of education and in the process also brought two sets of webinars in association with our long term academic partner Peregrine Global Services having its footprint in over 40 countries worldwide covering over 500 universities and business schools for learning and assessment solutions.


In 2008 SEAA Trust, New Delhi started with a mission that schools should self-regulate with international benchmarks of quality. We found that independent peer reviewed   International accreditation standards were the way to go to achieve this goal. 

The mission driven accreditation process ensures that each institution  retains its own special flavor while learning from its peer and also imparting its own  best practice to its peer. It is a win win for all. 

We planned for a  100 strong  internationally accredited schools   community that would make India a strong  B-school hub by way of global quality. This would help open:

a. Overseas student admissions

b. opportunity for the Indian faculty to mentor overseas  campuses

c. Learn from across the globe the best practices to upgrade quality on a continuous sustained basis. 

d. Become world-class  institutions for being featured in some of the best global rankings.   

The magical number has not yet been reached. However, we expect that in the next decade the International Accreditation standards would become a norm  than exception and there may  also be a number of independent accreditation systems  started with the help of existing well known accreditation agencies. We expect at least 500 schools to be internationally accredited  and at least 20 new independent accreditation agencies operating in India by 2030. 

The campaign began in 2008 at our First International Accreditation Conference and ran till 2015 and we achieved the target of getting 100 Business schools to start out on their accreditation process, some of whom also had received their accreditation by then. The Accreditation agencies that we covered were AACSB, EFMD-EQUIS, AMBA, ACBSP & IACBE. 

Internationally accredited school numbers would reach 500!

Our  campaign  was to see at least 100 schools achieve the target of being accredited schools by all of the five accreditation agencies we track. But this magical number has not been reached as yet. Covid 19  to an extent was responsible for the delay. We expect a century would be reached by 2022 and by 2030 the internationally accredited schools numbers may be 500

Indian accreditation agencies would top 20 Nos

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