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Social impact rather than the market penetration  is the new mantra for businesses   of the future. The companies have started realizing that   sustaining themselves in the market place is based not just building equity capital but social capital to ensure there is equity and social justice in  the way their product and services  would be  treated by the consumers.

For the third year in a row,


SEAA Trust, New Delhi has been touching on the social impact theme in  its  16 year   journey of International accreditation advocacy and  facilitation work

The focus is rapidly shifting from profit orientation and shareholder satisfaction to social impact of products and services and stakeholder satisfaction that includes the consumers and wider society. The Business schools did have courses on Business Environment for decades but the idea of what constitutes business environment has drastically changed with more and more scholars asserting that social impact assessment is a key to success of any product or service introduction.


Equitable access to resources including finances, use of sustainable energy, new environment friendly infrastructure, increased urbanization, resource efficiency, impact investing with an aim of sustainability, supply chain transparency, mining and resource extraction preserving environment fragility….. All these industry-specific challenges requires collaboration among stakeholders, including government, businesses, non-profit organizations and consumers. It often involves adopting innovative technologies, changing business practices and creating regulatory frameworks that incentivize sustainable and equitable outcomes.

As member of UN Global Compact Network India with a long term commitment to bring best benchmarks of quality in Business Education using the International Accreditation advocacy route, SEAA Trust, New Delhi is happy to announce yet another International accreditation Conference, the 16th year round, on the top of Social Impact. “Winning Strategies for building socially impactful MBAs” is our current year’s theme of the conference and the 7th International Case competition which was started in association with Peregrine Global services, our academic partners for over a decade.


Our current conference as well as the student case competition will focus on :

Sub-themes :

1. Human Resource mapping for Industry 4.0.

2. Redefining Sustainability concept

3. Understanding Sustainability Impact of UN SDGs

4. Curriculum redesign to reflect social impact goals of Business Education

5. Accreditation agencies and social impact assessment

6. Leadership building strategies for a sustainable future

The theme of social impact is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whose implementation is coming to a head as the deadline of 2030 for achieving its final results is fast approaching.

16th IAC Speakers

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