United Nations Global Compact! 

SEAA Trust, New Delhi is a member of the UN Global compact India for the past three years.  We have been promoting awareness of the 17  SDGs that need to be flushed out before the year 2030 . Our focus mainly is about the SDG 4 relating Education and how Business schools should be able to take advantage of the Principles laid down by PRME, a member of United nations in their quest for building globally benchmarked quality using any one of the top rated  accreditation agency standards. . 


SDG compliance is emerging an important aspect of global benchmarked quality building in Education. Accreditation agencies  and the ISO  (International Standards organisation)  explicitly mention  UN SDG as a benchmark that needs to be achieved while their standards are being met and complied with. 

  ISO standards are for  instance used as a basis to build public policy  to comply with the SDGs relating to public health, human rights, water, energy and education among others.


AACSB for instance to  help achieve the intended social impact while using its standards  in accreditation advocates  in Standards 1, 4 , 8  and 9 the goals set out in the SDG listing. Pleaes check out link https://youtu.be/ll55IjdUpjg

UN Global Compact announces new SDG Pioneers

The 2022 SDG Pioneers announced at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit today are: 

  • Gustavo Cirigliano, Chief Executive Officer, Sofis Solutions, Uruguay 

  • Denise Hills, Sustainability Director for Latin America, Natura &Co, Brazil

  • Viktor Ivanchyk, Chief Executive Officer, Astarta-Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Vera Karmeback, Sustainability Manager, RA International, United Arab Emirates

  • Ramkrishna Mukkavilli, Founder and Managing Director, Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd, India

  • David Orr, Trade and Investment Account Leader, Mott MacDonald, United Kingdom

  • Gabriel Tan, Director, GUAVA Amenities Pte Ltd, Singapore 

  • Chong Tong, Science & Technology Administrator, Suzhou Power Supply Company of State Grid Corporation of China, China

  • Dimitar Tsotsorkov, Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Asarel-Medet JSC, Asarel-Medet JCS, Bulgaria

  • Iris van Wanrooij, Program Manager Corporate Social Responsibility, EMMA Safety Footwear, the Netherlands

Maitri Aquatech the Indian fast growing SDG Pioneer 

The Hyderabad based water resources company Maithri Aquatech  has done some pioneering work in the area of waster availability in the  arid regions and has successfully exported its patented water harvesting technology to 27 countries besides supporting a vast number of Indian  states. Its patented technology condenses water vapour from air that is then filtered and remineralized for drinking and other uses. 

The MEGHDOOT atmospheric water generator  uses refrigeration techniques and minimal energy to condense humidity from air. It sucks air through an electrostatic filter, and cooled coils provide a temperature differential that creates condensation. With MEGHDOOT, which in Sanskrit means Messenger of the Sky, the company says it has generated more than 100 million liters of fresh water from air.  Ramakrishna  Mukkavailli, the Founder and Managing Director of the company is one of  UN Global Compact SDG pioneers.  #sdgpioneers