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SEAA Trust, New Delhi began its international advocacy and facilitation work in 2008 and since the past 15 years has been bringing together all the accreditation systems in business education in one  place through the conferences and other events. Also we publish the annual Handbook on Accreditation which is an unique publication that contains all the updated information about the international accreditation agencies we track regularly. The 2023 Handbook is in its 14th year of publication. Indus Business Academy (IBA) Bangalore has been our regular book sponsor  for which we  are very grateful. 

Accreditation is not an easy business, it is time consuming, it involves tremendous amount of people's time and it is also expensive costing anything between the annual tuition fees of ten to 20 students would have paid to the school annually. Our updated Handbook on International Accreditation on its 14th  edition  provides all the necessary insights into the  task ahead. 

Accreditation also brings massive changes to the way of working of school, the reporting systems, the admission, student engagement and faculty engagement systems and the institutional working. After all, the very idea of accreditation is to voluntary adopt change with the help of peer experts who are brought along while the accreditation is in progress.


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