Millennial are facing the biggest challenge of finding jobs as the industry predicts millions of job losses. It would take an extremely well trained, globally aware individual to land jobs of the future that may occur even in as yet identified industries & geographies.

Millennial Students at globally aspiring B-schools ​could make the cut​ only with right global business and economy related inputs​.  With a long tradition of covering industry trends  globally   Bloomberg BusinessWeek with its 1800 + Reporting  offices  had developed an unique Instant case suite based on the top notch business stories that appear each week in the weekly magazine.   The case suite has since been expanded  by launching  a center for global educational services which will offer an array of services including the  Bloomberg BusinessWeek  instant case suite. These cases are brought to you by Peregrine Global Services, the global educational services leader having a footprint in 45 countries worldwide covering over 700 universities and independent education institutions.   These cases developed by Business School professors  & are the best bet for your global ready future managers. 

Peregrine Global Instant Student Case Competition 

Theme: "Millennial Job Challenge" 

​The winners of this case study competition  were decided based on two rounds of competition. For the first round, student groups (and should be 3-5 students on a team) can select any essay topic  to develop their presentation . This would carry around 30 % weightage.

The final presentation in second round was held at the SEAA's annual International Accreditation  conference that took place  on November 25 & 26, 2019 this year at New Delhi's India International Centre, a prestigious conferencing venue of  India's capital.  The invited teams wre  provided with a set of six  Bloomberg  BusinessWeek cases through the B-school Resource Centre of Peregrine Global.  The  team presentations were very professional and were judged by Dr Amarjeet Singh Oberoi  a marketing professional and founder of MBA Randezvous and Mr Balasubramanian, entrepreneur and Business  alliance consultant, both from New Delhi. The final presentaion secured 70 per cent marks for the teams.   

(May 25, 1928 to May 26, 2019)

Rhyllis Rae Oedekoven  Student Leadership Award Trophy

Rhyllis Rae Oedekoven (May 25, 1928 to May 26, 2019)   The student Leadership trophy  in her memory has been instituted by Peregrine Global Services in association with SEAA Trust, New Delhi to  honour the memory of the celebrated  & colorful  history & archaeology buff, musician of repute by her own right  and an avid global traveler who was the inspiration behind the founding of the Peregrine Global. Rhyllis Rae enthralled the Wyoming area faithful by her  music until she was 91. She has  left behind an unchallenged  legacy in  music and education being one of the first  young women to get her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical science  in the post war USA in 1948. 

Rhyllis Rae returned to higher education and completed a master’s degree in Library Science from Denver University in 1951 when she was just 22 years old. Her lifework centered on raising her children, music, and education. She subsequently completed academic programs in education and music and she taught music to children and adults throughout her professional life. Rhyllis Rae was a leader who believed in the importance of education and its impact on the world, influencing many people during her life and leadership journey. The memory of Rhyllis Rae through this award serves as a reminder of how each of us impact  our world, today and for our future.

The Student Leadership Award  was bagged by  the Mumbai based  Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Management Studies and Research (VESIMSR) college . 

In 2019  3rd Peregrine Global Instant Student case competition  the first prize was won by Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Management Studies and Research (VESIMSR), Mumbai
1. Aditya Bhargava 2. Kedarnath Lalwani  3. Pratiskha Salian
Second prize was won by  AIMS Institutes Bengaluru
1. Anmol Trakroo 2. Bhumi Parmar  3. Neelima Kha
Third (Consolation) prize went to VESIMSR student team 
1. Aditya Javdekar 2. Nidhi Sachdev  3. Priyanka  Nagotkar 
SELECT IMAGES FROM 12th IAC 2019  & Student Case competition 

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