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   15TH INTERNATIONAL  ACCREDITATION CONFERENCE on "Social Impact of Business Education" 

Business Education is universally considered as not just a qualification but also as a process to build leadership. In a fast changing and digitalizing society,  a well-rounded leadership is essential to build the future societies.

 Top notch B-schools from around the world have sensed this change early on and they  are reworking their curriculum and pedagogy to include social impact of education  and encouraging their students to  take up live projects that impact society.

Highly rated International Accreditation systems are associated with  SEAA Trust, New Delhi an acknowledged world leader in helping build Globally benchmarked quality in Business Education.  We have had on our platform all the top agencies year on year for the past 14 years. This year too AACSB, AMBA-BGA, EFMD Global, ACBSP,  IACBE and SAQS have confirmed their participation. 

The main take away from the conference we hope that these  agencies are coming together with specific  expectations from their member schools to advance the social cause. And they have already tweaked their assessment procedures to measure the social impact of their member school education processes. 

15th IAC 29thimage.jpg

Acknowledging the fact the High Quality  B-schools are conscious of the social impact that they are making    we have chosen "Social Impact of Business Education" as our theme  for the current 15th International Accreditation Conference. 

We are thankful to the leading International Accreditation Systems  for their support to our Business Education  Quality Advocacy since 2008

Business education is experiencing fundamental changes in content, delivery & assessment. Also the social connect of businesses is more apparent today  than in any other time. The pace of Edu-tech  adoption got a sudden impetus owing to the unexpected occurrence of a global Covid Pandemic. Everyone is innovating and so also are the accreditation agencies to cope with the new normal. Our Academic Partners Peregrine Global  has developed tools that are specifically aimed at measuring and maintaining the highest level of quality in Business Education.  


The global business leaders are convinced the technology is no longer the challenge but leadership definitely is. The way forward is to    ensure the passing out batches of student managers are   sensitized to their role and impact that they will be making on society and they are also equipped with high level of technology exposure. The traditional MBA curriculum is being replaced with a forward looking syllabi that is  agile, adaptable and in line with the tectonic shift in business focus towards society. 

Our 6th student Instant case competition will also be reflecting  the same theme.  Our Conference Registration is open now. We are also cordially inviting the  industry and the B-school community to help us to  advance the cause of globally benchmarked quality with international Accreditation by sponsoring and supporting our conference.  SEAA Trust, New Delhi has been carrying out its campaign  since 2008 only with the active support and encouragement of our sponsors & Donors. We want to place on record our gratitude for the continued support we have been receiving from the Global Accreditation agencies listed in the image above.  Please visit our sponsor page for details as to how we would be able to mutually benefit from supporting our cause. 

REQUEST FOR FACULTY: We also invite the Faculty  leaders to present their papers for the conference  which will be published in our International Accreditation Conference  Book 2022. You can mail us at

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