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"Let every quality business school in the world be accredited" ACBSP credo!

ACBSP -Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs is  the only global accrediting body, which accredits business programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree levels.  The  membership   extends to more than 60 countries, more than 1,200 member campuses and 13,000 individual members. ACBSP also has the biggest presence in India in terms of the number of schools accredited by any of the top five international accreditation agencies operating in the country.   There are at present 17 accredited schools and 8 member schools of which seven in candidacy mode  of ACBSP in India.  
It is the second agency to be recognized by Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the apex regulatory advisory body of America. Accreditation done by ACBSP conforms to the standards set by Malcolm Balridge Award  for excellence.


There are several  steps involved to complete  the ACBSP accreditation process 

  • Membership application providing details of official compliance of education regulation of  the country. In this case the  AICTE approval or NBA certification, NAAC certification, UGC approval among other documents. Any one or two documents should suffice. 

  • Application for Candidacy  needs to be made giving details of the course, the faculty and other institutional details. In a well run organisations with long history of existence both the applications could be made together after checking with the ACBSP secretariat. 

  •  Mentor is appointed after the Candidacy is approved

  • Preliminary questionnaire needs to be filled up  prior to taking up the self study through the online Campus labs portal of ACBSP.

  •  Mentor  may suggest modifications to the  preliminary questionnaire

  • Mentor may visit the campus and help the school to close the gaps

  • Self study document work begins with the help of the mentor 

  • Intent to submit self study with a timeline should be submitted before September 1st for a December 15th submission, or March 1st for a July 15th submission.

  • A site-visit team would be  appointed by ACBSP after receiving the intent to submit. 

  • Visits are scheduled each February and March, and permit review and action by the  Accreditation  Board in April.

  • Visits in September and October would permit review and action by the Board in November.

  • The team of evaluators receive access to the self-study four weeks prior to the site-visit. 

  • A consensus call will be made by the team to discuss strengths, opportunities for

  • improvement, and site-visit issues two weeks prior to the visit.

  • The mentor and the assigned commissioner will be invited to participate in the call.

  • The team chair should share site visit issues with the campus accreditation coordinator.

  • The site team visits the campus and files a feedback report to ACBSP within ten business-days following the visit.

  • The findings of the evaluators are first reviewed by the ACBSP staff for completeness and then access is provided to the business program accreditation coordinator for review.

  • The president's response is provided in the reporting portal at least ten business days prior to the meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

  • The Board of Commissioners review the self-study, evaluators’ report and institutional response by the president at its meeting each April or November to consider accreditation requests and to award accreditation to those institutions that are in compliance with ACBSP standards.

  • Action by the Board of Commissioners is informally reported to the institution immediately following the meeting. The formal notice of board actions taken can take ,  up to two months to complete.   ACBSP being a  proponent of continuous improvement, most institutions receive accreditation with conditions and notes.

  • Accreditation is effective immediately. Accredited status can be released to the public after all expenses are paid. 

  • Accredited business programs receive their accreditation certificate during the accreditation banquet at the conference held every June.

ACBSP member & Candidate schools 

ACBSP accreditation standards

1. Leadership

The business unit must have systematic leadership processes that promote performance excellence and continuous improvement. Values and expectations must be integrated into the business unit's leadership process to enable the business unit to address its societal responsibilities and community involvement.

2  Strategic Planning

The business unit must have a systematic process for developing a strategic plan that leads to continuous improvement. The strategic plan must include implementation goals and progress measures.

3 Student and Stakeholder Focus

The business unit must have a systematic process to determine requirements and expectations of current and future students and other key stakeholders. The process must measure stakeholder participation and satisfaction and use the results for continuous improvement.

4 Student Learning Assessment

The business unit must have a systematic student learning outcomes assessment process and plan that leads to continuous improvement. Student learning outcomes must be developed and implemented for each accredited program, and the results must be communicated to stakeholders.

5 Faculty Focus

The business unit must have a systematic process to ensure current and qualified faculty members by:

  1. Fostering teaching excellence

  2. Aligning faculty credentials and skill sets with current and future program objectives

  3. Evaluating faculty members based on defined criteria and objectives

  4. Ensuring faculty development including scholarly and professional activity

6 Curriculum

The business unit must have a systematic process to ensure continuous improvement of curriculum and program delivery. The curriculum must be comprised of appropriate business and professional content to prepare graduates for success.

7 Business Unit Performance

The business unit must have a systematic process to identify and track key student performance measures for the purpose of continuous improvement. The business unit must ensure adequate resources and services to support its programs.

ACBSP Presentation by Steve Parscale, Chief Accreditation Officer of  ACBSP  at the SEAA Trust,

3-day 14th  International Accreditation conference 2021

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