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Key take aways from Day 1 of the conference :   "Re-imagining Business Education with Cutting Edge Quality Strategy'

Education technology use is accelerating at a rapid pace and there cannot be any Business Education future with high technology infusion.

As a natural corollary, the past way of working  is almost completely changed. And there is no likelihood of any  educational institution or process returning to the older regime. In other words we will not return to the past, only change for the future.

Covid 19 may have disrupted normal lives of people and also resulted in more than quarter million people becoming fatal casualty but as far as education  sector is concerned, it has also brought new opportunities for  lifelong   learning.

The traditional classrooms have been firmly replaced by  blended learning mode.

The teaching learning  aspect  are to relevant and to point 

Innovation and creativity is needed to keep the students alert, aware agile, adaptive, critical thinking, etc. and in continuous learning mode.

Blended learning, gamification  or simulation based  approach, hybrid learning models,  and newer ways to instill soft skills are the future way of learning, teaching and assessment

"Edu-tech with Empathy to build Business School leadership"
The discussions were extremely sharp and focused  on the way forward  in the technology driven world which is not going to revert back to the old ways. 

  • Automation and technology is augment learning not a substitute for  teaching

  • You need creativity in teaching 

  • The medium has been accepted  by the learners and not teachers

  • Digital natives  cant understand the digital immigrants from previous generation

  • Motivation remains the big issue in digital learning

  • Empathy can be taught and learnt

  • Technology will not lead  to serendipity as it has no heart

  • Gamification of learning may an answer 

  • A relook is needed about the way we learn going away from its rigidities.

  • Self-love often leads to  better decisions of life

13TH International Accreditation Conference   sets new direction for SEAA Trust, New Delhi 

The 13th International Accreditation Conference of SEAA Trust, New Delhi set new milestones in the   13 working of the agency. First thing our conference was conducted despite many  industry events were being cancelled or truncated owing to prevailing  pandemic and a sharp drop in  attendees.

Second  instead of the  usual two days we actually ran this conference three days virtually.

Third there were more speakers at this conference numbering 30 when compared with any conference of the past

Fourth the conference had  a record participation  of 150 plus people registering to attend.

Fifth, the conference was offered with free registration first  time.

Sixth we had full fledged  panels on all the three days on different topics, once again a first. 

  The advent of artificial intelligence, BOTs, robots , virtual technologies with newly emerging  assessment and examination  tools are fundamentally changing the education landscape. Accreditation and global bench-marking of best practices for adaption is more a norm than an exception. 

The  Three day 13th annual International Accreditation Conference  helped us to focus on the emerging trends by Accreditation Agency leadership, Academic experts and Industry leaders. 

The rapid pace of adoption of  education technologies (Edu-tech) became nearly frenzied with the global pandemic Covid 19 literally devastating global economies and shutting down  academic campuses  for prolonged periods forcing the campuses to take a deep re-look at the technologies they have been using  in regular class room mode.The speakers touched upon the difficulties and challenges in  gathering and preserving  data, and the need for  reaching out to the students for better learning assessment, development of measurable outcomes and such other.    



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