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Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi had pioneered International Accreditation Advocacy  and brought all the top rated accreditation systems  on the same platform year on year since 2008, the year of its  incorporation . The current year conference Registration in open.  The conference is being held  online for three days on November 5, 6, & 7, 2020.   Register early as there are only limited seats. Single registration link for all three days. No fees for registration.
Handbook on Accreditation: We  have also been publishing world's only unique Handbook on International Accreditation incorporating the updated standards of leading accreditors including the AACSB, EFMD, AMBA, ACBSP, IACBE, BGA, ATHEA  & SAQS. 

Student case competition: For four years in a row we have been  conducting student Instant cases competition in association with  Peregrine Global's B-school Resource Center. Registration for this already open for student teams. 

The annual conferences of SEAA had always brought together powerful  thought leaders representing top rated International Accreditation Agencies, including AACSB, EFMD, AMBA, ACBSP, IACBE, SAQS, ATHEA, British Accreditation Council and BGA. 

Our  conferences, seminars, workshops, Round-tables, faculty training programmes and leadership  development events over the past 12 years has definitely impacted quality development in world's second largest MBA market that produces over  quarter million BBA and MBA  students annually. 

From the accompanying listing one can easily discern that from the very start SEAA was talking about accreditation as a means for the Indian business schools to benchmark with the best in their class in order to  build their leadership and student support systems.  We have always  advocated very high benchmarks in quality  and  hoped that with the international accreditation Indian  business school faculty and leadership may be able to mentor overseas campuses. That all this and more actually happened on the ground is an endorsement to our consistency and visionary strategy.  Through two campaigns, "100 by 2015" and "100 by 2020 ", we were able to impress the 3000 plus business schools to acquaint with peer reviewed global quality and achieve nearly a century mark in internationally accredited schools in India at present with another 100 plus schools becoming members of various accreditation systems we track.  

Welcome to our XIII International Accreditation Conference that plans to explore the opportunities for introducing globally bench-marked quality in business education for which Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) had committed to from its inception since the year 2008.  We have been fortunate to work closely with the globally renowned accreditation systems to  introduce  international  best practices in campuses whether or not they go in for accreditation, Indian or international.


The prevailing global pandemic situation has also ironically hastened the process of  technology led future. The campuses are learning  albeit the hard way that the future is for  connected classrooms or no classroom at all. The brick and mortar has now been firmly replaced with click and computers in building future classrooms. What many of us believed in the early development of internet in the eighties and nineties that world would  come together erasing its  economic, cultural, language and perhaps even the political barriers  seem to be  now happening as  the future human resource being developed at the  campuses would be global, their education seamless and continuous going beyond the rigid one or two year duration  and so on.

At this point we can only guess as to where the campuses are headed.  

Our Conference themes  2008-2020

  • International Accreditation Advocacy for Global Quality Benchmarks

  • Globalizing B-schools with Accreditation

  • Cutting Edge Quality with accreditation

  • Raising the Quality Bar through International accreditation

  • Cutting edge benchmarks for Global quality

  • Build campus quality with International accreditation

  • It s all about students, emerging trends in teaching  & learning

  • Accreditation edge in business education leadership

  • Go global with accreditation 

  • Self-regulation & global quality through accreditation 

  • Accreditation & After, the power of benchmarking with the best

  • Millennial job challenge, How B-schools could respond with accreditation 


XIII International Accreditation Conference  Agenda *


Day 1 

05 15 to 07 30 p.m IST

5. 15 p.m. Registration & inaugural session

5. 20 p.m.  Welcome to conference
5. 22 p.m.  Lamp lighting
5. 23 p.m.  Conference highlights  
5. 30  p.m.  Theme panel discussion  "Re-imagining business education with cutting edge quality strategy"
6. 30 p.m. Keynote by Dr. Joe Philip

6. 40 p.m. Agency presentation AMBA-BGA 
7. 10 p.m.  EFMD Global

7. 30 p.m concluding remarks


Day 3

05 30 to 07 30 p.m IST

5. 30 p.m. opening  remarks
5. 40 p.m.  Theme panel  " Accreditation & Quality Improvement Commons"
6.20 p.m.  Peregrine Global 

6. 50 p.m.  ACBSP  
7. 10 p.m.  IAABS 
7. 25  p.m.  Concluding remarks 

Hand Book Image.jpg

Day 2 

05 30 to 07 30 p.m IST

5. 30 p.m. Welcoming remarks
5. 40 p.m.  Panel 2 : "Edu-tech  with empathy for  developing future managers"
6. 30 p.m.  AACSB  Presentation

6. 50 p.m.  ATHEA
7. 05 p.m.  IACBE 

7. 25 p.m.  concluding remarks    



Olin Oedekoven

President & CEO Peregrine Global. 

Geoff Perry-Executive Vice President-AAC

Geoff Perry

Executive Vice President Chief Officer Asia Pacific AACSB 


Jeffrey Alderman

President & CEO ACBSP


Steve Parscale

Chief Accreditation Officer ACBSP

Mark Stoddard-Director of Accreditation

Mark Stoddard 

Director  Accreditation AMBA-BGA


Gunther Singer

Executive Director ATHEA

Diana Hallerud-Associate Director of Acc

Diana Hallerud

Director of training & Associate Director Accreditation ACBSP


Alimaa Jamiyansuren

Director Asia-Pacific Peregrine Global

Joe Philip-President of XIME.jpg

Prof. J Philip

Chairman  XIME Banglore 


M J Xavier

Prof & Chairperson- Centre for Technology & Innovation LIBA Chennai

Rajesh Khajuria.jpg

Rajesh Khajuria

former Director CKSVIM Vadodara


B V Krishnamurthy

Advisor  Peregrine Global 


Manish Jain

CEO, IBA Bangalore 


R Nanda Gopal

Director XIME Cochin

Doug Gilbert.jpg

Doug Gilbert

Founder Loan Tree Academics 

Dilpreet singh chitkara.jpg

Dilpreet Singh 

Prof Chitkara University

N R Parasuraman.jpg

N R Parasuraman

Director SDMIMD Mysore


Andrew Main Wilson



Thothathri Raman

Chairman SEAA Trust New Delhi

Sujata Mangaraj-President of AIMS.jpg

Sujata Mangraj

President AIMS

Sandhir Sharma-Director of Chitkara.jpg

Sandhir Sharma

Dean Chitkara Business School

Mukul Gupta.jpg

Mukul P Gupta

Mentor Israel-India Bridge


Nishit Jain

Special Advisor EFMD Global

Bigyan Verma.jpg

Bigyan Verma

Director SIECOMS Mumbai

Rajesh Haldipur-Director of Realtime Tax

Rajesh Haldipur

Ex-Director Head Knowledge Management & Learning, PwC India 

Mohan Lal Agarwal-President,  Indo-Gulf

Mohan Lal Agarwal

President Indo-Gulf Marketing 


Amy Memon

Manager Accreditation Services- Asia Pacific AACSB  


Victor Hedenberg

Business Development Manager  BGA


Ted Collins

Vice President  IACBE

Byra Reddy.jpg

V J Byra Reddy

Prof & Dean -  Academics, Quality & Accreditation   Amity University 


Pankaj Gupta

Professor &  Dean - O P Jindal University 

Deepak Jhanghaini.jpg

Deepak Jhangiani

Director DJ Associates

Kerron Reddy.JPG

Kerron Reddy 

CEO AIMS Institutes Bangalore


S Balasubramanian

Director GRGCAS Coimbatore

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