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 "No going back, only forward" 

Business education is experiencing fundamental  changes  in content, delivery & assessment. The pace of  Edu-tech  adoption got a sudden impetus owing to the unexpected occurrence of a global Pandemic. Everyone is innovating and so are the accreditation agencies to cope with the new normal. One thing is quite clear that Business education will never be the same. 

Our 13th International Accreditation conference endorsed  the fact that there is no going back and possibly flipped and blended classrooms and lifelong learning may be the  answer for the future.
Edu-tech holds  the key   and   Accreditation, Indian or international, is now more a necessity than an ideal   option  for acquiring   cutting edge quality strategy for an uncertain future.  

Almost 30 speakers from around the world spoke at our conference  and agreed that  campuses and industry need to understand the digital future  and prepare leaders accordingly to  steer future industries.  Corona  might have caused human catastrophe but it also created a new hope for the future of mankind. 

Day 1 : Re-imagining Business Education with Cutting Edge Quality Strategy
Key take-aways:

Education technology use is accelerating at a rapid pace and there cannot be any Business Education future with high technology infusion.

As a natural corollary, the past way of working  is almost completely changed. And there is no likelihood of any  educational institution or process returning to the older regime. In other words we will not return to the past, only change for the future.

Covid 19 may have disrupted normal lives of people and also resulted in more than quarter million people becoming fatal casualty but as far as education  sector is concerned, it has also brought new opportunities for  lifelong   learning.

The traditional classrooms have been firmly replaced by  blended learning mode.

Day 2 :  Edu-tech with Empathy to develop future leaders
The discussions were extremely sharp and focused  on the way forward  in the technology driven world which is not going to revert back to the old ways. 

  • Automation and technology is augment learning not a substitute for  teaching

  • You need creativity in teaching 

  • The medium has been accepted  by the learners and not teachers

  • Digital natives  cant understand the digital immigrants from previous generation

  • Motivation remains the big issue in digital learning

  • Empathy can be taught and learnt

  • Technology will not lead  to serendipity as it has no heart

  • Gamification of learning may an answer


Mission:  Advancing Self-regulation with Accreditation 
Objective:  Helping Higher Education  Institutions (HEI)  to globally benchmark with the best in the class by adopting peer reviewed independent internationally accepted and validated accreditation standards offered by select & elite Accreditation  institutions

In collaboration with UNESCO, the IAU WHED Portal provides authoritative information on higher education systems, credentials in 196 countries and territories and over 19,800 officially accredited or recognized higher education institutions (HEIs).

4th students Instant cases competition 

Rhyllis Rae Oedekoven  Student Leadership Award Trophy


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