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Worried about teaching learning disruption owing to Corona virus?

SEAA has you covered in association with Peregrine Academics, Wyoming USA

Our Response to the Global Pandemic: Partnering with Schools for Quick Online Solutions

  The Global Pandemic has clearly impacted all of us. Most higher education sites are temporarily closed. School officials from across the globe are transitioning towards online learning opportunities to finish out the academic term, with the hope of returning to normalcy by mid-summer.

 Peregrine Academic Services  based in Gillette, Wyoming  USA, the world leaders in Higher Education Services  has been offering     Leading Edge Learning portfolio that includes  state of the art online content  and assessment tools.

These online modules, courses and inbuilt assessment and certification tools,  can be quickly customized and combined to give you a meaningful student learning opportunity using easily accessible microsites.

You do not need a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) to use these services, just internet access

Although online education is relatively common throughout the world, school officials from campus-based institutions know that going online is much more challenging than simply taking a campus-based program and offering that same program online

The Peregrine  Launch & Learn online service started in 2015 is the answer  

The Launch & Learn service includes 25 ready to upload online courses.

Launch & Learn Service 


+ Pedagogy

+ Service Overview

+ Value Proposition

+ Service Features

+ Course Information

+ Adoption Guidelines & Customization

+ Technical and Academic Support

+ Service Pricing

+ Appearance in LMS

+ Contact Information

Business Skills  

Business Skills Modules have  for instance, fifteen 4-6 hour modules that teach the foundations of business core programme. You can use these individually or in a package. These modules can be used in a variety of meaningful ways for both postgraduate and undergraduate education.

Professional Skills 

Professional Skills Courses  modules have, 4-6-hour professional skills courses that teach business writing, communications, and leadership. These online courses apply to any academic discipline to improve career readiness. Employers require these essential soft skills for their new hires  

Peregrine  also has a few other services that could be incorporated into a customized solution for you and your programs. For example, our Business School Resource Center can provide students with a quick and easy online literature source. The BSRC is particularly important if students need access to current literature online. We are  confident that we will be able to find a customized solution that will help you successfully bridge this period of concern.

write & Cite 

Write & Cite: Academic Writing Readiness. This 4-8-hour online course teaches the essentials of academic writing. Write & Cite is most effective when combined with other activities such as a term paper so that the students demonstrate what they have learned. The course teaches the APA citation style and helps reduce plagiarism.

contact us 

Please mail to us or call us at 9811297249 for your immediate  requirement or any discussion for possible future incorporation.  Or mail us. 

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