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  Daywise Panels

Day 1(22 Nov, 2021): Leadership Building for the Digital future, the B-school Challenge 

Day 2 (23 Nov, 2021): Infusing Tech content in MBA, opportunities and hurdles 

Day 3 (24 Nov, 2021): Staying Agile and resilient in disruptive times 

Each day the conference would be for two hours only (06.00 p.m. to 8.00 p m IST)

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Vast Array of Speakers from around the world  to provide insights about building leadership at B-school in Digital Disruptive Times 

Business Education around the world changing its basic character quietly with leading business schools adopting the Digital Technology in their way of working but also  building courses to match the fast paced leadership requirement of the industry. 

"The technology industry is one of the fastest-growing and dynamic industries in the U.S and the world. With Technology pervading how traditional businesses function, the technology industry’s appetite for MBA graduates has increased tremendously. The average salary for the best tech MBA programs is $129,045. Some of the Top Tech companies that recruited MBA graduates in 2020 are Amazon, Google, Apple, Cisco, Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, etc.", E-GMAT blog post

International Accreditation systems are also taking up the cue and tweaking their approach to endorsing quality building processes in the global business schools. “It is through co-creation of knowledge, collaborative innovation, and integrated leadership that business schools advance solutions and strategies that are relevant, effective, and sustainable.” —AACSB Connected for Better Briefing Paper for ICAM 2021

Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi  had over the past 13 years propagated Self Regulation with Accreditation and advocated the need for the  world's second largest Business Education community in India to benchmark itself with the best in their class by adopting the best of the Accreditation options available. We are proud to acknowledge that in all our annual conferences, world's best international accreditation systems were showcased with the leaders from these agencies presenting their views. 

Business education is experiencing fundamental changes in content, delivery & assessment. The pace of Edu-tech  adoption got a sudden impetus owing to the unexpected occurrence of a global Pandemic. Everyone is innovating and so are the accreditation agencies to cope with the new normal. One thing is quite clear that Business education will never be the same. In continuing with the same theme and keeping in view the ongoing campaign for Digital Transformation of Business Education SEAA Trust, New Delhi is committed to, we are launching our 14th International Accreditation Conference focusing on "Leadership building for Digital Future - the B-school Challenge ".


The global business leaders are convinced the technology is no longer the challenge but leadership definitely is. Increasingly the top business schools from around the world are under pressure to tweak their curriculum to ensure the passing out batches of student managers are going out equipped with high level of technology exposure. The traditional MBA curriculum is being replaced with a forward looking sylabbi that  agile, adaptable and in line with the tectonic shift in business focus.

Registration for the conference is open. A nominal fee of Rs 8000 per participant is being charged to help SEAA Trust, the only International Accreditation advocacy agency that brought all the top rated accreditation systems for bench marking the best quality in the class for the Indian b-schools since 2008 to continue its campaign. We do not solicit or accept any advertisement nor are we funded by any government agency. There is a Group discount of flat Rs 1000 for registrations of two or more persons on the total combined fee paid. There will be an early bird  discount of Rs 1000 for each participant until October 31 2021-you pay Rs 7000 instead of Rs 8000 per participant. Overseas participants may pay US $ 200. Please use this link for payment details. 

5th Student Instant Case Competition  and 3rd Rhyllis Rae Oedekoven  Student Leadership Award Trophy

 Peregrine Global Services B-school Resource Center jointly with SEAA Trust, New Delhi bring to you for the fifth year in the row the Student Instant Case Competition. The Student teams could adopt the main theme or any of the other five related themes for participating in the Case competition in the first Essay round. 

Essay main theme:   "B-school Challenges for preparing  leaders for Digital Era" 


1.  Teaching technology for non-technology students

2.  Building an attitude for life long learning

3.  Ease of use of digital learning strategies and tools 

4.  External digital expert involvement in teaching and learning

5.  Learning from Global MBA experience in Digital era 

5th students Instant cases competition 
Nov 27th (Sat) 2021

SEAA Trust, New Delhi and Peregrine Global are pleased to announce the 5th Instant Student Case competition virtual workshop on November 27,2021

Please register to get your complimentary  link  by mail. Participating team members and your invited colleagues and faculty can attend this workshop 


 Faculty  articles on Cutting Edge Strategy for Disruptive times 

Preparing students for facing an uncertain and disruptive future with the fast paced digital transformation of Businesses is a big challenge for faculty in today's B-schools face. By putting AI, machine learning, Cloud computing  and big data at the center of their capabilities, companies are redefining how they create, capture, and share value—and are achieving impressive growth as a result. This really means the B-schools should become agile something that only an informed and able faculty can make this happen at the campus.  

Please note we are not providing any leading titles for the papers and leave it to the wisdom of the faculty participants in penning their thoughts on preparing the future business leaders for uncertain digital times  in an essay form. Please communicate with us using the email 

Some topic suggestions : 

1. Teaching technology for non-technology students

2. Building an attitude for life long learning

3. Preparing leaders for Technology 5.0 era

4. Critical thinking and problem solving for UX and UI Environment 

5. Teaching ethics and integrity for the connected world. 

6. Preparing for the Board with AI led world

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