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 Faculty Competition on Cutting Edge Strategy for Disruptive times 

Preparing students for facing an uncertain and disruptive future with the fast paced digital transformation of Businesses is a big challenge for faculty in today's B-schools face. By putting AI, machine learning, Cloud computing and big data at the center of their capabilities, companies are redefining how they create, capture, and share value—and are achieving impressive growth as a result. This really means the B-schools should become agile something that only an informed and able faculty can make this happen at the campus.  

Please note we are not providing any leading titles for the papers and leave it to the wisdom of the faculty participants in penning their thoughts on preparing the future business leaders for uncertain digital times in an essay form. Please communicate with us using the email  There are no limitations to  word length, citation, APA style  language use etc., as much of the faculty writing we trust would conform to global standards in academia.  The only assurance is that the selected papers would be double blind reviewed before publication in the conference book. All the paper  submissions would be acknowledge and the faculty would be provided with a certificate of endorsement of their contribution. 

Some  topic suggestions : 

1. Teaching technology for non-technology students

2. Building an attitude for life long learning

3. Preparing leaders for Technology 5.0 era

4. Critical thinking and problem solving for UX and UI Environment 

5. Teaching ethics and integrity for the connected world. 

6. Preparing for the Board with AI led world 

SEAA Forum was created almost immediately after we launched our website  in 2008 to provide a platform for meeting of the best minds  and track the best practices in  the accredited business schools which may be useful to those undergoing the process.  Join the Forum today! 

5th Student Instant Case Competition  and 3rd Rhyllis Rae Oedekoven  Student Leadership Award Trophy

Peregrine Global Services B-school Resource Center jointly with SEAA Trust, New Delhi bring to you for the fifth year in the row the Student Instant Case Competition. The Student teams could adopt the main theme or any of the other five related themes for participating in the Case competition in the first Essay round. 

Essay main theme:   "B-school Challenges for preparing  leaders for Digital Era" 


1.  Teaching technology for non-technology students

2.  Building an attitude for life long learning

3.  Ease of use of digital learning strategies and tools 

4.  External digital expert involvement in teaching and learning

5.  Learning from Global MBA experience in Digital era 

For more details please visit our student competition page 

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