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Self-Regulation with Accreditation 

 Education is the key to unlocking a brighter future.  At SEAA Trust, we believe that every Higher Education Institution (HEI) should benchmark  itself with the best in class globally  to help build leadership for future.

Our mission is to empower education in India by providing access to quality education, teacher training, and community development programs in association with United Nations Global Compact Network India (UNGCI) as its member.  Join us in making a difference and help us create a better future for the next generation. Keep tracking  our website to learn more about our campaign for self-regulation with accreditation. 

Top Rated International Accreditation Agencies  have been presenting at SEAA Conferences since  2008. 


Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi is committed to bring knowledge about the best accreditation  and benchmarking systems around the world with over 15 years experience behind us in dealing with the world's best  agencies and universities in Business Education 

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Self-Regulation  with accreditation  

Advancing Self-regulation with Accreditation 

 Helping Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to globally benchmark with the best in the class by adopting peer reviewed independent internationally accepted and validated accreditation standards offered by select & elite Accreditation institutions

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Agencies we track

SEAA Trust as a part of our Accreditation advocacy and facilitation efforts offer numerous campaigns, workshops, seminars,   webminars conferences including our flagship annual conference November. Here is a list of our services. 

accreditation facilitation

engineering accreditation workshops 

Awards & Campaigns

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global regulators

 international accreditation may help in benchmarking with best in its class. It is  also necessary to see that the agencies are regulated globally by credible Regulators. . Here are a few regulatory systems

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SEAA Conference themes  2008-2023

  1. 1. International Accreditation Advocacy for Global Quality Benchmarks

  2. 2. Globalizing B-schools with Accreditation

  3. 3. Cutting Edge Quality with accreditation

  4. 4. Raising the Quality Bar through International accreditation

  5. 5.  Cutting edge benchmarks for Global quality

  6. 6. Build campus quality with International accreditation

  7. 7. It s all about students, emerging trends in teaching  & learning

  8. 8. Accreditation edge in business education leadership

  9. 9. Go global with accreditation 

  10. 10. Self-regulation & global quality through accreditation 

  11. 11. Accreditation & After, the power of benchmarking with the best

  12. 12. Millennial job challenge, How B-schools could respond with accreditation 

  13. 13.  Re-imagining Business Education with cutting edge quality strategy

  14. 14. "Leadership building for the Digital future-the B-school challenge"

  15. 15. "Social Impact of Business Education"

  16. 16. "Winning Strategies to build socially impactful MBAs"



Sustainability & SDGs are the byword for future 

The  United Nations Global Compact india of which we have been members for some years now looked  at the entire industry consumer ecosystem from the  standpoint of development which is also sustainable. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals  SDGs enunciated by the  the Global  Compact has placed the industry in the center of the  society  where it is expected to meet the needs of the society on a sustainable basis.  SEAA Trust, New Delhi as member of the UN Global compact  has been  spearheading the  Industry 4.0 debate and the discussions on the New Education Policy of 2019 from the 

perspective of what is needed for the society  and try and understand what the Business Education  processes can do to  impact the society by building  leaders sensitive to the society needs. 

International Accreditation agencies have also understood this shift and  all the top accreditors have included social goals as part of the  assessment process being rolled out while they evaluate the  institutions for accreditation. Our Revised Accreditation Handbook of 2022 in partnership with Indus Business Academy would reflect this new development as well. 


SEAA Trust New Delhi has over a decade long association with Peregrine  Academic services and its constituents which have all been brought under a single banner Peregrine Global a year ago. We had signed a MoU  with Peregrine as an Academic partner in our endeavor to bring together all the top rated accreditation agencies on the same platform to advance the cause of global accreditation and also introduce Peregrine online assessment and academic services to the Indian market.  We   also introduced the Instant cases of the Business School Resource center successfully. 

We call for nominations from Internationally accredited schools of one individual per institution  with evidence of their leadership and participation in the international accreditation process. The final selection would be based on an international jury panel  which will look into the  original contribution of the  nominee individual to the cause  of  growing international accreditation standards  and also  their commitment to  continuously improving   global quality among the  Indian Business Education community.  (For more details please follow the link)

Nomination form: 

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