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 "Millennial Job Challenge, How B-schools could respond with Accreditation" was  the theme of the current year's annual Conference theme that  was concluded on November 26, 2019 at New Delhi. The theme  has been chosen to focus  on the urgent need for the B-schools to  rethink their curriculum and pedagogy  to prepare their student leaders for an uncertain VUCA World that describes the  volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity – terms that reflect our increasingly unstable and rapidly changing business world.
We hope to offer  a series of inputs  from the Accreditation agencies and accredited school faculty along with  corporate leadership  reflecting the theme  of our 12th IAC 2019  in the coming weeks and months.
9th International Accreditation Handbook

The 9th revised and updated edition of International Accreditation Handbook comprising process details of Seven accreditation Systems, including AACSB, EFMD AMBA, ACBSP, IACBE, SAQS & ATHEA

The B-schools more than ever  are going to face the biggest existential challenge  with the rapid changes taking place in the businesses that traditionally recruited at the campuses. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3 D Printing, robotics, space travel, bio-engineering, climate change and such other are pushing the envelope to create newer jobs  but to get there the graduates need to be  reequipped with newer  tools and fresh upbeat attitude. By 2030, automation will cut jobs by 29% while contributing as little as 13% to job creation, according to Forrester's Future of Work report.
Accreditation may hold the key: The global accreditation agencies by design constantly challenge the member schools based on their expert  learning from around the world.  Accreditation being a moving target, there is a constant pressure to  learn from the peers.  AACSB's BizEd magazine quoted "As organizations rely more on data to drive their decisions, they’re setting the expectation that all students, regardless of specialization, will know how to turn data into solutions for business and society. And this expectation is shaping the business curriculum in pervasive and permanent ways"  
who presented:  The world's leaders in accreditation AACSB, EFMD, AMBA, ACBSP and IACBE along with SAQS and ATHEA had uniquely presented at the conference which also had a half a da workshop on Accreditation & Quality Improvement Commons.  
3rd  Student Instant  case competition 
For the 3rd Year in a row, the Peregrine Global student instant case competition was  held  based on the cases developed and available at the Business School Resource Centre  Details 
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