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 We work closely with  AACSB International, EFMD-EQUIS/EPAS, AMBA, ACBSP, IACBE, SAQS, British Accreditation Council  for accreditation advocacy.  By bringing together all the top rated accreditation agencies on the same platform year on year for past  12 years      we have helped  set standards for Global accreditation advocacy and support in India which is immensely applicable anywhere in the world!

Mission:  Advancing Self-regulation with Accreditation 
Objective:  Helping institutions to globally benchmark with the best in the class by adopting peer reviewed independent globally accepted and validated accreditation standards. 

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Congratulations to the winners of  the 3rd  Peregrine  Global Instant Student Case Competition sponsored by Peregrine Academics and held   during the opening day of the two day 12th International Accreditation conference of SEAA Trust, New Delhi.  There was a cash prize and certificate for the winning two teams out of the four finally short listed to present at the  competition. 

First Place: Vivekanand Education Society`s Institute of Management Studies and Research of Navi Mumbai ( 1. Aditya Bhargava 2. Kedarnath Lalwani  3. Pratiskha Salian)

The school also received the 1st Rhyllis Rae Oedekoven Student Leadership Award instituted this year. 

Second Place: AIMS Institutes of  Bengaluru.  (1. Anmol Trakroo 2. Bhumi Parmar  3. Neelima Kha).

Third Place: Vivekanand Education Society`s Institute of Management Studies and Research of Navi Mumbai  (1. Aditya Javdekar 2. Nidhi Sachdev  3. Priyanka  Nagotkar)

All the four team members shortlisted were provided with Certificates of Participation. 

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is an attempt to help the institutions to adhere to six declared principles covering the Purpose, Values, Method, Research, Partnership and Dialogue  that would help them be accountable to their stakeholders. The PRME movement started by the United Nations Global Compact program  is strong and spreading and in India too it is very active. Details


12th International Accreditation Conference 2019, held  for two days on November 25 & 26. 2019 at India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi. AACSB was represented by Amy Memon, EFMD by Nishit Jain, AMBA by Victor Hedenberg, IACBE by Byra Reddy, ACBSP & Peregrine by Douglas J Gilbert.  

The 12th International Accreditation Conference of SEAA Trust, New Delhi  (November 25 & 26, 2019) concluded successfully seven international accreditation agencies participating. The theme "Millennial Job Challenge, How B-schools Respond with Accreditation" was  received well and debated intensely in the two days of highly animated discussions with the participants at the conference held  in the prestigious India International Centre (IIC) conferencing venue, New Delhi.

Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi has been conducting its intense advocacy and facilitation work to bring global benchmarks for quality to Indian and Asian business Schools since the year 2008. SEAA Trust, New Delhi  having committed itself to the motto of self regulation through accreditation" conducted a campaign  "100 by 2015" to get at least a 100 schools on to the accreditation path  which we achieved. Now a new campaign "100 accreditation by 2020" is on  which will see a century mark  being achieved in internationally accredited schools in India..

Know Your Agencies!

International Accreditation
Handbook 2019

Contact SEAA Facilitation Services Team for help relating to  Accreditation process, Mission workshops for faculty, Peregrine online student learning outcome assessment service for assurance of learning (AoL)  & Bloomberg B-school connections service

Exclusive Global Quality Education services in Association with Peregrine Global  since 2010!

Peregrine Academics of USA, now called Peregrine Global,  is our most valued global education services partner since 2010 in bringing  in globally acclaimed student outcome assessment examination and other Internationally benchmarked  top end student, institutional and faculty focused services to India.    Peregrine also has launched a powerful classroom and career management tool  B-school Resource Centre 

Sharing knowledge by peers is the spirit of accreditation! SEAA has been bringing out its Handbook of International Accreditation putting together the accreditation processes, theme papers for accreditation and advocacy, Rubrics used by schools undergoing the accreditation process, articles and more. The book project has been a joint venture of SEAA Trust and Indus Business Academy (IBA)  Bangalore. Please  mail us your rubrics 

Disclaimer: The International Accreditation Handbook which is from time to time revised and published exclusively by us for private circulation only. The contents of this book has been obtained through solicitation and also from publicly  available information from the respective websites of the international accreditation agencies  for whom we have been carrying out  advocacy work for the past decade.  Neither SEAA Trust nor its constituents or associates are responsible for any unwarranted use of the content/ 

Global Learning Outcome Assessment tests

We bring exclusive global learning outcome assessment tests (inbound, mid-point and outbound) , an essential requirement for any accreditation system.  Click for details

 live weekly cases! 

Case teaching in classroom is challenging as most available cases usually date back

to events that occurred years earlier. Here is a chance for  teaching what happened  last week brought to you exclusively by   B School Resource Center. The subscription based service offers expert comments and almost ready to use  themes for teaching competencies on any of the domains that you may be teaching in the classroom.  Click for details

Technology accreditation is surest way to building and reinforcing quality in engineering campuses. Please visit our details for details as to how we can assist you! 

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