A 100 strong  internationally accredited schools  would make India a strong  B-school hub by way of global quality and ensure its leadership position among the schools attracting high quality undergraduate students  from across the world.  In   terms of sheer number it already enjoyed the global leadership position 


There are close to 3500 B-schools in India of varying quality and a small percentage of these are accredited by the State sponsored NAAC and NBA two accreditation agencies of INdia.  Globally accredited schools are around 60 now.  Another 70 to 80 schools are currently processing their application and we are confident that within the next  one year, many of these would be completing their accreditation . 



There  is no one solution or easy ones at that. The process of accreditation is involved and lengthy but continuous improvement  and globally benchmarked quality is the given in global accreditation. Since global accreditation is truly voluntary  without any direct or indirect pressure, it would depend upon the  preparedness of the individual B-school to subject themselves to global peer scrutiny. 


SEAA Trust, New Delhi with over a decade of engagement with globally accaredited school commuity which is now around 11,000 strong worldwide would be happy to assist you in your  accreditation agency selection and also the consequent process. 


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