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Andrew Main Wilson, CEO
Thothathri Raman, Director of SEAA Trust New Delhi

Mark Stoddard, Director of Accreditation & BGA Services at AMBA & BGA
Professor MJ Xavier, founding director of Indian Institute of Management Ranchi
Victor Hedenberg, Business Development Manager at AMBA & BGA


  1. • The current global state of management education

  2. • Education technology in India and the opportunities and challenges presented by rapid adoption

  3. • Technology driven course management, delivery, assessment and certification

  4. • Continuous improvement processes and accreditation of online management programmes.

With Covid-19 affecting physical meetings, travel, and traditional on-campus teaching, International Business Schools have had to innovate, adopt and leverage technology rapidly. Business Schools have implemented these adopted technologies in different ways, some proving to be more effective than others.
In a post Covid-19 world, Business Schools will have to re-evaluate their blended learning approach, decide which technologies to employ, how to structure content, and improve upon established programmes.
In this webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the rapid adoption of business education technology by Indian Business Schools, the challenges and opportunities presented, as well as potential pathways to employ technology driven course management.
Additionally, attendees will be given recommendations on how to leverage new education technologies effectively for programme design, and how to improve them over time.

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