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  The 11th year annual Conference of SEAA Trust, New Delhi is a milestone in our advocacy and facilitation effort for international accreditation and also a vindication of our commitment to bring the best benchmarks of quality to Indian business education campuses  through International Accreditation. Our conviction is that self-regulation is the best way to promote quality in campuses and it is best done using international accreditation benchmarks  which continue to get upgraded providing perennial benchmarks for growth. We have been fortunate to have the world's leading accreditation systems  working with us closely in the past decade and continuing to support us in our advocacy efforts. Peregrine Academics is our partner  in all our endeavours. The successful launch of the 2nd Peregrine Bloomberg Businessweek Student Case competition is a fitting endorsement of our continuing association! 


Peregrine Student Case competition

Date:26th November 2018
venue: Seminar Halls 1 & 2 
India International Centre
Time  11 a.m. to  1.p.m.

Conference Panel Theme :  "Accreditation & After, the power of bench-marking with the best! 

Venue:  India International Centre, Multipurpose Hall  on  26th November and Seminar halls above the Multipurpose hall  on 27th November 2018


Day 1 — Monday, November 26, 2018 (09.30 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.)

✽ Multipurpose Hall, Ground Floor ✽


09.00 a.m. Registration opens
09.30 a.m. • Inaugural Session (Lamp Lighting)

• Short Introduction of Speakers by Smitha Raman, SEAA Trust
• Conference Theme — Brief Presentation by A. Thothathri Raman,
Chairman, SEAA Trust
• Release of the International Accreditation Handbook 2018
10.00 a.m. Panel Discussion by Accreditation Agency Leadership and Invited
Guest Speakers on Conference Theme “Accreditation & After, the
Power of Benchmarking with the Best”
Panelists :
• Dr. B. V. Krishnamurty, Academic Consultant, Peregrine
• Dr. Rattan Sharma, President, Association of Indian
Management Schools (AIMS) & Director, Delhi School of Business
• Amy Memon, Manager, Accreditation Services (Asia-Pacific),
AACSB International
• Dr. Mark Stoddard, Director, Accreditation, AMBA Development
• Nishit Jain, Asia Coordinator, EFMD
• Dr. Steve Parscale, Chief Accreditation Officer, ACBSP

Dr. Doug Gilbert, Team Lead, ACBSP and Professor at University
of Phoenix
• Dr. Ted Collins J. D., Vice President of Accreditation, IACBE
• Dr. Sunil Puliyakot, Associate Professor, Rajagiri Business School
• Dr. Kerron Reddy, Chairperson, AIMS Institutes, Bangalore11.00 a.m. Networking Tea Break

11.15 a.m. AACSB Presentation — Amy Memon, Manager, Accreditation

Services, AACSB
Experience Sharing Session — Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar, Chairperson
of the Family Managed Business Programme at SP Jain Institute of
Management and Research

12.15 p.m. EFMD Presentation & Experience Sharing Session — Nishit Jain,

Asia Coordinator, EFMD
EPAS Experience Sharing Session by Dr. H. Gayathri, Dy. Director
and Professor, Marketing, SDMIMD

01 30 p.m. Lunch
02.30 p.m. Performing Art builds Student Quality (UCPA Session) by Geetha

Ganesan, Accomplished Dancer

03 00 p.m. Prize Distribution from Bloomberg Businessweek Case

Competition — Chair

03.30 p.m. SAQS Presentation by C. Ramakrishna, Executive Director,

04.00 p.m. Tea Break
04.15 p.m. Bloomberg BusinessWeek — Dr. B.V. Krishnamurthy, Academic
Consultant, Peregrine Academics Services (PAS), Wyoming &
Thothathri Raman, Chairman, SEAA Trust, New Delhi

05.00 p.m. Conference concludes


Day 2 — Tuesday, November 27, 2018 (09.30 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.)

✽ Seminar Halls above Multipurpose Hall ✽

09 00 a.m. Tea & Welcome to the Second Day of the Conference
09.30 a.m. AMBA Standards & GBA/ADN — Mark Stoddard

Experience sharing by Rajagiri Business School (RBS), Cochin

11.00 a.m. Tea Break
11.15 a.m. ACBSP Process Presentation, Introduction by Dr. Steve Parscale,

Chief Accreditation Officer, ACBSP
Experience sharing Dr. Sony Verghese & Dr. Mary Matilda, XIME,

12.15 p.m. Accreditation & After (new ACBSP service) Dr. Doug Gilbert, Team

Lead, ACBSP and Professor at University of Phoenix

01.00 p.m. Networking Lunch
02.00 p.m. IACBE Process Presentation — Dr. Ted Collins J. D., Vice President

of Accreditation, IACBE
Experience sharing session — Dr. Kerron Reddy, Chairperson, AIMS
Institutes, Bangalore

03.30 p.m. Wrapping-up and Conclusion by Thothathri Raman, Chairman,

SEAA Trust, New Delhi
04.00 p.m. Conference concludes & Tea

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