Vision:  "Empowering B-schools to pursue global quality through self assessment & International Accreditation"

Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi, is  India's first and only International Accreditation advocacy and facilitation organisation in the world  started in the year 2008. 

International Accreditation in focus! 

The events and publications of SEAA has brought sharp focus on accreditation in India and has helped build awareness about voluntary compliance relating to faculty quality, educational innovation, superior academic practices, high quality industry linkages and an overall superior well thought strategy for institutional development and leadership

Which is your accreditation?

Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA)  Trust

started in 2008 has now is completed its 12 years of International Accreditation Advocacy  experience!  We had  more than 500 schools participating in our advocacy efforts and more than 170 international speakers  presenting from our platform! 

Almost all the Internationally accredited schools had attended one or the  other of our advocacy events! 


The SEAA Forum started six  years ago has become an effective platform representing the interests of accredited schools and those in the path of accreditation. (more)

PAS online Student Learning Outcome Assessment Tests

We bring to you the  online student learning outcome  assessment examinations by the globally renowned education services company, Peregrine Academics. The examination is  accepted officialy  by top accreditation agencies!  The test also allowes the institutions to revisit student quality  on the go  and also help showcase the student learning outcome to their prospective employers, For  details and also for registration to the test please mail us! 

SEAA Trust,New Delhi has a strategic alliance with  top rated global education services   company Peregrine Academic Services PAS in the Asian region. 


Based on our long experience  and also in association with Peregrine Academics  we offer consulting services for accreditation process of any of the top accreditation agency processes. 

Faculty are central to accredation process and their knowledge and awareness about the accreditation processes is crucial to success of accreditation.  Register for our faculty training programme. (more)


The handbook of accreditation brought out by the SEAA is unique in offering seven accreditation processes in one place. The book is revised year on year to give latest updates on the accreditation processes and also Rubrics or standards of practice in the industry. 

The Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection; is intended to help business schools promote professional business thinking and behavior among their students; by setting an expectation that students read about and engage in business continuously and pervasively, not just when an assignment demands it.  The program includes resources designed to help bring the content into any business class at every level:  Please watch this video for more details.